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Welcome to the home of quality portrait photography in Gulf Shores Alabama and, with limited service, in Atlanta Georgia.  Owned and operated by Tom Wallace, a 40 year veteran of fine photographic portraiture, we continue to blend our skill and craftsmanship in posing, lighting and backgrounds with the best finishing available to produce an image you can be proud of.  We hope you'll call on us for all your business and family portraiture.  


In addition to portraits, we also repair and restore your old family photographs and offer a selection of fine frames. 



So, you have to have a portrait made...
Most everyone dreads having their portrait made.  Whether it’s a business head shot or for your Mom, we just don’t want to do it.  Here are a few tips to take some of the pain out of the process.

1.  Morning is the best time to be photographed.  You’re fresh and have not suffered the ravages of the day, men have just shaved, your clothes aren’t all wrinkled and the circles under your eyes have not gotten any bigger.

2.   As far as clothing is concerned: for ladies, long sleeve, a medium to dark color, and a very subtle pattern or solid color.  Men, a dark suit or blazer, white long sleeve shirt, and a tie with a good rich color, the yellows and pinks tend to wash out in the portrait. 

3.  Little children are best FIRST thing in the morning.  The appointment should be no later than 10:00 AM.  By afternoon your little one is tired, hungry and cranky; not the best conditions for a great portrait.

4.  Speaking of children, please don’t make too big a deal ahead of time about the sitting.  A two or three year old does not understand what a sitting is and can become frightened.  I believe that most little ones think I’m just the doctor in disguise, and when they least expect it, I’ll pull out a needle and give them a shot.

5.  If you are going to make the sitting outside, mornings or afternoons are best.  High noon is for gunfights, not outside sittings!  All the harsh light coming straight down makes dark circles under the eyes, squinting, and “zebra” lighting on everyone else. 

6.  Last, find a portrait photographer who understands that the camera doesn’t lie, but CAN lie to it.